Selected Publications – Rodriga Mora

   Refereed Journals

  1. Ellis J, Schwartz J, Mora R (2016). Study on the effectiveness of strategies and technologies to leverage natural ventilation in residential housing, accepted for publication at the International Journal of Ventilation, Ventilation Energy and Environment Technology (VEETECH) UK.
  2. Romero D, James J, Mora R, Hays C (2013). Study on the Mechanical and Environmental Properties of Concrete Containing Cathode Ray Tube Glass Aggregate, accepted for publication at the Journal of Waste Management, Elsevier, in press.
  3. Mora R, Bitsuamlak G, and Horvat M (2011). Integrated Life-Cycle Design of Building Enclosures, Journal of Building and Environment, Elsevier, 46 (7): 1469-1479.
  4. Mora R, Bédard C, and Rivard H (2008). Modeling and Reasoning for Conceptual Structural Design from Preliminary Architectural Models, Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, Elsevier, 22 (2): 254-270
  5. Mora R, Rivard H, and Bédard C (2006). A Computer Representation for Integrated Conceptual Structural Design, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 20 (2): 76-87.
  6. Rivard H, Froese T, Waugh L M, El-Diraby T, Mora R, Torres H, Gill S M, O’Reilly T (2004). Case studies on the use of information technology in the Canadian Construction industry, Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction, Vol. 9, pg. 19-34.
  7. Mora R, English M, and Athienitis A (2001). Assessment of Thermal Comfort During Surgical Operations, in ASHRAE Transactions, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Eng., Inc, 107 (1): 52-62.

    Conference Proceedings

  8. Yan D, Mora R (2014).Condensation risk assessment of window-wall facades under the effect of various heating systems, proc. 14th Canadian Conference of Building Science and Technology, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  9. Atwal L, Mora R, Mustapha G (2014). Ventilation for a house as a system. Proceedings of Indoor Air 2014, International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate, Hong Kong.
  10. Atwal L, Mustapha G, Mora R (2013), Sensitive Homes: Remote Sensing and Monitoring Integral to HomesASHRAE IAQ 2013 Proceedings: Environmental Health in Low Energy Buildings, 1-8, ASHRAE.
  11. Mora R, Croft D (2013). Building Science Integrated Systems – Methodological Framework, Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) Conference, April 3-5, ASCE, Penn State University, USA.
  12. Romero D, Mora R, James J, Hays C (2013). Evaluating the Use of Potentially Hazardous Secondary Aggregates in Concrete based on Life-Cycle Effects on Water Pollution, The 28th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Philadelphia, PA U.S.A, March 10-13, 2013.
  13. Mora R, Tariku F, Bitsuamlak G (2012). Performance-risk analysis for the design of high-performance affordable homes, 3rd Building Enclosure Science and Technology conference BEST3, National Institute of Building Sciences, Atlanta, GA, USA.
  14. Mora R, Bitsuamlak G, and Horvat M (2010). Building Science for Building Sustainability, 1st International High-Performance Buildings Conf., Purdue University, IN, USA, pp. 1-8.
  15. Mora R (2008), SuPr-Integrator: Sustainable Project Integrator, Intelligent Computing in Engineering, EG-ICE, ASCE, pp. 260-269.
  16. Mora R (2008),Computer-Integrated Early Decision Making for Sustainable and Financially Viable Building Projects, ASCE-AEI’08 National Conference: Building Integration Solutions, Denver, Colorad.o
  17. Mora R, Juchmes R, Rivard H, and Leclercq P (2006), From Architectural Sketches to Feasible Structural Systems, Second International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition, Eindhoven Netherlands, John S. Gero (Ed.), Springer, pp. 675-694.
  18. Mora R, Rivard H, Parent S, and Bédard C (2006). Interactive Knowledge-based Assistance for the Conceptual Design of Building Structures, Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics & Construction, Springer, Pandey, M., Xie, Wei-Chau; Xu, Lei (Eds.); proceedings of an International Conference held in Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  19. Mora R, Rivard C, and Bédard C (2004). Computer-aided Conceptual Design of Building Structures: Modeling the Synthesis Process, Proceedings of the first International Conference of Design Computing and Cognition, MIT, Cambridge, pp. 37-55.

    Other Publications

  20. Mora R, Rivard H, and Bédard C (2006). Added Value for Collaborative Conceptual Structural Design, Canadian Civil Engineer, CSCE, 23.1: 16-19.