Meet Our Team

Fitsum Tariku, director of the bcit building science centre of excellenceFitsum Tariku, Ph.D.
Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering)
Canada Research Chair in Whole-Building Performance

Dr. Tariku is a Director of Building Science Centre of Excellence, the founder and Director of the Building Science Graduate program at BCIT, an adjunct professor at Western, and a Canada Research Chair in Whole-Building Performance. Dr. Tariku’s research interests include advanced and sustainable building materials, high-performance building envelope systems, whole-building performance optimization and decision-making, building integrated solar technology, net-zero building design and operation. Dr. Tariku’s research program goal is to develop frameworks for designing of buildings that are energy efficient, durable, economical, environmentally friendly, and provides comfortable and healthy indoor air quality to occupants. Dr. Tariku has published over 100 scientific publications in the building science field, and he has developed various computer simulation tools and state-of-the art research facilities at BCIT. Dr. Tariku had contributed to two IEA/EBC sponsored international research projects, namely Annex 41 and Annex 55 and has been serving as editorial board member, guest editor and member of board of directors in local and international associations. Dr. Tariku is an active participant in three ASHRAE and two ASTM Technical Committees and currently, he is a co-subtask leader of “Field measurements and case studies” in the Annex 68 international project.

Selected publications

Rodrigo Mora, faculty member in building science at the bcit building science graduate program Rodrigo Mora, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Bachelor’s Degree (Civil Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Building Engineering)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering)

Throughout his professional and academic career Dr. Mora’s work has focused on investigating methods to improve the integration of building systems to optimize performance. His work leverages on the inherently integrative nature of building science to help design environment responsive buildings. In particular, he is investigating occupant-responsive indoor environmental systems that operate in harmony with the outdoor environment. His research methods include modeling heat and mass transfer in buildings, coupled with methods of systems engineering, and investigations on occupants’ behaviours.

Selected publications

Bo Li, faculty member, BCIT Building Science Graduate program Bo Li, Ph.D.,M.A.Sc., P.Eng, BESATM, CEM®
Bachelor’s Degree (Power Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Mechanical)
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Bo has a strong academic background and industry experience. Before he joined the BCIT Building Science Graduate Program as a faculty member, he worked as a senior mechanical system designer and building performance analyst. During his 16 years of professional experience in industry in China and Canada, Bo developed expertise in the design of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and the analysis of building energy performance for high-rise mixed use buildings. Bo is planning to engage in the study of high performance high-rise residential building design strategies and other applied building science research topics that would ultimately provide solutions to the practical engineering problems in the industry. Bo Li is an active professional engineer registered in British Columbia. He is an AEE Certified Building Energy Simulation Analyst (BESATM) and an AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM®). He is also a BC Hydro certified building energy modeler.

Wendy Ying Simpson, research analyst in building science at the bcit building science centre of excellence Wendy Ying Simpson, M.A.Sc.
Diploma (Architectural and Building Technology)
Bachelor’s Degree (Urban Planning)
Master’s Degree (Building Engineering)
Research Analyst

Wendy’s diverse background of urban planning, experimental research of building science and experience in construction industry developed her wide building science interests. These interests lead to designs for durable, healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable buildings in an extensive range of considering from macro scale (influence of weather, neighbourhood plan and orientation of buildings) to micro scale (conceptual and integrated building design, building envelope details and indoor climate conditions). Currently, she is involved in hygrothermal property measurements, field experimental study of building envelope component performances and indoor environmental condition monitoring in a residential apartment building.

Selected publications

Zelalem Abebe, MSc.
Bachelor’s Degree (Electrical Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Electrical Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering – Computer Vision and Robotics)
Research Analyst

Zelalem has been working in industries and research institutes of various engineering disciplines since 2006. Being in academia specifically in engineering graduate school laboratories for the majority of his professional career, he has gained extensive experience and skills in experimental studies and research methods.

Currently, Zelalem works on a variety of experimental research projects which are taking place at BSCE test facilities. He is mainly engaged in design, development and analysis of laboratory and field experimental setups that includes construction of specimens, data acquisition systems, data analysis methods and instrumentation comprising installation, configuration and maintenance of sensors, actuators, controllers, devices and other related equipment.  He has a research interest in applying new technologies and cutting-edge instrumentations and software tools such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence (computer vision, machine learning and control) to better understand phenomena and advance data analysis techniques for building science researches.

Selected publications

Gediyon Moges Girma, M.A.Sc.

Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical engineering)
Master’s Degree (Building Science)
Research Analyst

Gediyon is a building science graduate and he has been working with the BSCE team ever since his graduation. He participates in field experimental studies, CFD simulations and others. He has a research interest in heat and fluid flow, computational fluid dynamics, high-performance building envelope design and natural ventilation.

Tiana Voo
Graduate Program Assistant

Tiana is responsible for administrative and operational activities that support the Building Science Graduate Program and the Building Science Centre of Excellence. Working with the director, faculty and students, she is a resource for program administration, recruitment, admissions, and advising. Tiana acts as the liaison between students, instructors, and BCIT departments, providing guidance in all areas of course and program information.