BSCE Research Database

Building Science Research Database

The Building Science Research Database is a comprehensive listing of books, reports and research articles with a focus on the design, construction, performance and maintenance of the building envelope. It also includes relevant research topics on current trends in the industry such as green buildings, sustainability and durability. It is an excellent resource for anyone in the residential construction industry.

The bibliography contains approximately 3000 article references and 340 books and research reports selected from electronic interdisciplinary engineering databases, engineering journals, conference proceedings, research reports, building codes, standards and building envelope best practice guides.

This enhanced bibliography was prepared for the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) by the Building Science Centre of Excellence, School of Construction and the Environment, British Columbia Institute of Technology.  It builds on a previous listing published by the HPO in 2004, prepared by Linda Brock, MAIBC and Associate Professor with the University of British Columbia, School of Architecture.

Main Subjects + Categories

The Building Science Research Database is organized by main subjects/categories, as follows:

Access to Bibliographical Records

Information on the availability of publications is provided in the search results. Publications can be accessed through main libraries, building envelope related organizations and online resources.

Access to Books and Research Reports

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC – Canadian Housing Information Centre)
Homeowner Protection Office (HPO)
National Research Council Canada – Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-Archives) Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
University of British Columbia (UBC)

Access to Conference Proceedings

  • Proceedings of Conferences on Building Science and Technology (5th–10th) ( BCIT)
  • Proceedings of Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Building (V –X) (ASHRAE)
  • Proceedings of the International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies (BCIT, CMHC)
  • Proceedings of the International Conference in Research in Building Physics and Building Engineering (3rd – 4th) (BCIT )
  • Proceedings of the AIVC & BETEC Conferences (AIVC)
  • Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Durability of Materials and Component (CMHC, VPL)
  • Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology (11thand 12th)(BCIT )

Access to Journals

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Applied Thermal Engineering
Applied Energy
APT Bulletin
Architectural Science Review
Archives of Thermodynamics
ASHRAE Journal
ASHRAE Transactions
Atmospheric Environment
Building and Environment
Building Research and Information
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
Canadian Architect
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
Canadian Consulting Engineer
Cement and Concrete Composites
Chemical and Engineering News
Civil Engineering
Concrete Construction – World of Concrete
Concrete Engineering International
Construction and Building Materials
Construction Canada
Construction Specifier
Energy and Buildings
Energy conversion and management
Energy Policy
Engineered Systems
Engineering Structures
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
Forest Products Journal
Heating, Piping, Air Conditioning Engineering
Indoor and Built Environment
Indoor Environmental Quality Strategies
International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer
International Journal of Architectural Heritage
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
International Journal of Thermal Sciences
International Journal for Housing Science and Its Applications
Journal of Architectural Engineering
Journal of ASTM International
Journal of Building Physics
Journal of Cellular Plastics
Journal of Civil Engineering
Journal of Civil Engineering and Management
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Journal of Engineering Mechanics
Journal of Heat Transfer
Journal of Light Construction
Journal of Materials Science
Journal of Meteorology Research
Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
Journal of Structural Engineering
Journal of Testing and Evaluation
Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
Journal of Wood Science
Materials and Structures
Measurement- Journal of the International Measurement confederation
Measurement Science and Technology
Physical Geography
Plastics Technology
Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction
Progressive Architecture
Public works
Renewable Energy
Radiation Measurements
Solar Energy
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Surface Coatings International Part B: Coatings Transactions
Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Transport in Porous Media
Wind and Structures
Wood and Fiber Science
Wood Science and Technology

Other Sources of Information

Your Input is Welcome

This bibliography will be updated as new and additional information is identified.  We welcome your feedback and invite you to forward any comments or suggestions regarding content.


The information contained in publications referenced in the Building Science Research Database represents existing literature on the building envelope and related topics. The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) assumes neither responsibility nor any liability for any consequences related to the use of information presented in this publication.